Speaking and facilitation

I have facilitated a Women in Leadership course mentoring good home cooks to turn their signature dishes into products and offerings for Melbourne Farmers Markets

I ran a process of student-led co-design to produce a report on food policy for Australian universities with the Fair Food Challenge and produced and hosted the event What Could a Fair Food Look Like? which was attended by representatives from nine Australian universities. I have been invited to speak at the University of Melbourne Sustainability Plan Forum and the Plan’s launch, a campus food systems workshop at the University of Queensland and events at Deakin University, the University of Sydney, William Angliss Institute, the University of Western Australia and the University of Tasmania.

I've appeared on panels for Carlton Connect and the Future of Local Government National Summit, Spoken for OzHarvest's annual Eat Think Save event, and at the Environmental Film Festival for Bugs on the Menu and  Waste Not, Want Not - Changing our Food System to Reduce Food Waste. I also teamed up with EFFA to design the school's program forJust Eat It: A Food Waste Story:

I hosted a conversation about food waste for the Global Ideas Forum labs program and imagined the 22nd Century marketplace for Carlton Connect's Absolutely Famished program. I discussed the future of university sustainability at The Sustainability Plan 2016-2020 Forum for the University of Melbourne and also spoke about sustainable eating at Think, Eat, Talk, Grow to launch the University of Melbourne Famers' Markets.

I've hosted panels for the Youth Food Movement, facilitated community dinners and feedback sessions for the City of Melbourne and presented on Collapse and The Landscape of Crisis: Engagement with sites of disaster and environmental crisis for Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium.

Speaking with Sarah Kaur, George Rose, Tara Cartland and Emily Stewart on Creative Collapse at Critical Animals 2014


On Food

Sydney Environment Institute

How will we take radical steps to reduce the institution’s and the community’s environmental footprint?


Public Private Partnerships in the face of the obesity crisis: Promoting public health or potential risk?

Spook Magazine

What we talk about when we talk about yoghurt: Sexism in Food Marketing 

Why we need to get on board with Sustainable Eating

Can Australia Follow France's Food Waste Laws?  

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

AFSA joins university students in the Fair Food Challenge 

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Other things, here and there

I've also written for The City of Melbourne, The Verb/World Wildlife Fund, the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, the National Gallery of Australia; Museum of Contemporary Art; NineMSN and Lip Magazine

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