Fair Food Challenge

The Fair Food Challenge is using the power of students and universities to create a fair, healthy and accessible food system. We want institutions that procure food that's fair to producers and the environment; manage their organic waste; empower students with food skills and promote research into better food futures. Visit our website or check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Insta to keep up with with The Challenge

Gastronomica Apocalyptica

Gastronomica Apocalyptica was first developed for You Are Here festival 2016. It has since been hosted at Carlton Connect as part of their Absolutely Famished program and at the University of Melbourne for National Science Week. It will be presented this December as part of the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy. A speculative dinner party that invites participants to imagine the future of food in the face of environmental crises. Guests crunch on bugs, slurp on seaweed and jellyfish and taste delicious native Australian ingredients while sharing a free-wheeling conversation about how we will negotiate the uncertainty of the next century while keeping ourselves fed.