Hi, my name is Sophie and I'm a food nerd. 

I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Melbourne investigating the impact of emerging technologies on the food system, particularly how corporations are employing big data technology. In 2016 I completed my masters in sustainable food systems and wrote a thesis exploring the international nutrition politics of Milo. Yes, the milk drink, I'm pretty sure I know more about it than any other person on earth. 

Apart from that I run the Fair Food Challenge which is working with Australian Universities to adopt fair food plans and empowering students to play an active role in creating a better food system. 

Occasionally I like to play around with more creative projects and put on dinner parties where I get people to eat insects, jellyfish and other delights while contemplating the future of food. I've facilitated community kitchens and plan community food events. 

I helped to set up the Melbourne chapter of the Youth Food Movement and spent some time as a committee member of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. I have a keen interest in connecting eaters to their local and global food environments and making living well, eating ethically and being sustainable an affordable and liveable reality.  

I'm Sydney born-and-bred but moved to Canberra to study Art History, Curatorship and Spanish at the Australian National University. There I completed an honours thesis on art and environmental politics and interned at the National Gallery of Australia. I worked in museum education, festivals and public programs before throwing it in to move to Melbourne to become a full-on food nerd. 

I like to cook, garden and grow indoor plants (though I'm not very good at it). I read obsessively and write occasionally. Every so often I throw myself into a creative endeavour that has nothing to do with food at all. I like to travel. I am trying to teach myself to code and its both frustrating and exciting to learn a new skill. 

In 2015 I took some time out visiting agriturismos in Sardinia, where I ate the best goats cheese I've ever tasted. I visited the World Expo in Milan which was both strange and exhilarating, combining my food nerdery with my obsession with the history of world expos and great exhibitions. After that I had the incredible opportunity of participating in the World Food System Center Summer School hosted by ETH Zurich in the Swiss countryside where I might brilliant young food thinkers from all around the world. 

I've got a few crazy ideas about projects not yet brought to fruition and am always looking for smart and curious collaborators. If you're nuts about food, data and have great programming skills let's chat. To find out more about my work history and projects you can check out my linkedin or If you'd like to find out any more about me or any of the things I do, get in touch. I really like to drink coffee and meet new people and I would love to talk to you.